Water Flowing Again With Western Hydro And Goulds Water Technology

Recently, the California community of Lamont was left high and dry without running water for more than a week. Now, water is once again flowing for residents, thanks to the help of Western Hydro Corp. and Xylem’s Goulds Water Technology.

When the lone well that served 65 families ran dry in early March and left the California community of Lamont without running water for more than a week, Western Hydro, a Goulds Water Technology distributor, stepped in to provide emergency assistance and help get the city’s water running again.

A variable speed pump controller was installed to supply and regulate water. The local fire department trucked in potable water bladder tanks for residents to use in their homes. These tanks are designed to absorb the forces of expanding water, while protecting potable water systems from pressure buildup.

Connecting the bladder tanks and variable speed pump controller to a neighboring community’s water system enabled residents to once again have running water. And for that, Lamont residents are thankful.

“We couldn’t wash the dishes, we couldn’t mop, we couldn’t do anything,” said resident Jackie Moran, in an interview with KGET-TV, a local NBC affiliate. “We couldn’t even drink water. Now we’re happy to have running water so we can do the regular things that we take for granted every day.”

A state grant will fund the engineering, design and construction of a new well that will eventually supply the community with water for years to come, but for now, Western Hydro and Goulds Water Technology are providing a temporary solution.

For more information, click here to watch a segment about Lamont’s emergency water assistance featured on KGET-TV.


To learn more about the Goulds Water Technology visit www.gouldswatertechnology.com.


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