Our sediment filter cartridges offer you more performance because of larger surface area and unique fluted flow channels that resist compaction and low loss under heavy dirt loading. They are superior in micron removal capability with up to 300% more loading capabilities than depth type cartridges. All W.E.T. sediment filter cartridges are guaranteed cleanable and reusable when used on potable water.

Features and Benefits

  • Constructed of a proprietary media consisting of a fixed matrix of cotton, and polyester fiber with thermosetting resin, for durability.
  • The center core is made of high strength polypropylene and the end seals are composed of flexible plastisol.
  • FDA-approved materials.
  • Our 4-1/2” Dia. filters have 15 sq. ft. of filtering area
  • Our 2-3/4” Dia. filters have 5 sq. ft. of filtering area.
  • Case weight 11 lbs.
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Water Equipment Technologies
Xylem Water Equipment Technologies (WET) has provided reliable membrane-based water purification technology and components worldwide since 1975. WET was an early innovator in membrane technology systems designed to produce high purity water, purify water for reuse, and create fresh water from the world’s oceans.

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