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Golf course irrigation can present unique challenges particularly in Florida. Faced with periodic draught and well water supplies containing high quantities of chlorides, some managers of shoreline courses have relied on expensive municipally supplied water to meet their irrigation demands, until now. For this application, an ITT Water Equipment Technologies reverse osmosis system provides up to 600,000 GPD of water for irrigation from brackish water wells. This unique system combines two 300,000 GPD systems on one skid. Each train can be operated independently of the other or at the same time.
One of the greatest benefits to the manager of the Golf Course is the realization that the cost of operating the RO system is much less that the cost of purchasing municipal water. The resulting savings has vastly increased the return on investment for this company.

Location: Palm Beach, FL
Application: Golf Course Irrigation
Start up date: November, 1995
Capacity: 600,000 GPD, Expandable to 800,000 GPD

Operating Data
Feedwater TDS: 6,139 mg/L
Permeate TDS: 208 mg/L
Recovery: 75%

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