AirEx – aluminum bar & plate air cooled heat exchanger

Standard Xchange : Air-Cooled :

Compact bar and plate design, air-cooled unit. Up to 65% smaller than Fin Tube designs.

Materials: Aluminum Cooler, Painted Steel Shroud, Zinc Plated Steel Fan Guard, Polypropylene Blades w/ Aluminum Hub, Steel Mounting Brackets.

Electric Motor Data:
Single Phase: 115/208/230 Volt – 60 Hz
Three Phase: 208-230/460 Volt – 60 Hz

Noise Levels: dBA Scale measured at 1 meter

Applications: Oil cooling with air, where compact size and rugged construction are a must. Unit uses a louvered fin design for use in clean environments.

Performance Rating: Listed HP rating based on the ability to cool Max. GPM of oil (50 SSU) with an entering oil temperature minus an entering air temperature of 50 Deg F and a pressure loss under 15 psi.

Application: Aluminum bar and plate Air Cooled Heat Exchanger

Features and Benefits

  • Aluminum Cooler
  • Zinc Plated Steel Fan Guard
  • Polypropylene Blades/Aluminum Hub
  • Max. Working Pressure – 250 PSI Max. Working Temperature – 250 Deg F