Utility Pump – X Series RJFS50/RJFS51

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The X-Series Utility pump is specifically designed to handle your toughest effluent applications. Much like the original Utility Pump from Red Jacket Water Products, the X-Series performs great in extraordinary applications with the addition of one unique benefit. The X-Series Direct Intake Advantage! Your most challenging effluent applications become easy with the Direct Intake X-Series Utility Pump. By placing the water intake at the bottom of the X-Series Utillity Pump, Red Jacket Water Products gives you more flexibility in pumping effluent than with any other submersible pump. The X-Series is available in two models that perform to your specific needs.

Features and Benefits

Nylon impact and corrosion resistant discharge head and base
Pump shell constructed with a press and roll process for better performance
303 Stainless steel shaft/coupling provides greater power transfer
303 Stainless pump and motor for maximum corrosion resistance
Bottom suction intake allows for unique effluent applications.


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