Submersible Turbine Pumps

Submersible Turbine Pumps – contact the Turbine Division in Lubbock, TX (phone: 806 743 5700)

Cast iron submersible turbine pumps for 6″ and larger wells

Applications; Aeration, Fountains, Cistern, Irrigation, Effluent

Features and Benefits
Discharge connection has NPT threads
ASTM A48, Class 30 cast iron bowls. Nonmetallic coatings on 7″ and larger pumps for maximum efficiency and abrasion resistance.
Reliable long life rubber bearings
Suction inlet contoured for smooth flow entrance. protected by an oversized stainless steel strainer to prevent entrance of damaging solids.
Large stainless steel pump and motor coupling is accurately matched for perfect alignment, balance and power transition.
All ratings are within the working limits of the motor manufacturer. Pump can be operated continuously without fear of damage to the motor.
Powered by Franklin Electic motors.