A variable speed controller complete with a water end (pump) and three phase motor conveniently packed in one carton for installer convenience. Kits are available with 2, 3 or 5 HP controllers and motors from 1.5 to 5 HP. They feature pump/motor combinations sized for high speed operation, units are configured to operate between 30 and 80 hertz.
Features and Benefits

Simple, fast sizing
Range curves and selection charts generated from actual R&D tests.
Kits use mismatched water end and motor (see component chart).

Wiring is as easy as standard three-wire control box: L1, L2 and Ground in from power supply; – Red, Yellow, Black and Ground out to motor
Pressure is factory preset at 50 psi with simple, fast, field adjustability for higher pressures.
Three phase output to motor reduces wire cost.
Red Jacket Enduro water ends feature Stainless Steel and Noryl® materials.
New – a Switch Input for connecting a pressure switch or float switch.
New – Grounding provisions for transducer and transducer cable.

Technical Brochures

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