UCT 303 and UC 303

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The UltraCirc design incorporates a ball valve on the inlet side of the pump, a spring check valve on the discharge side of the pump and 1/2″ sweat union connections. The compact design saves space and the cost associated with purchasing the additional fittings is also a huge labor saving product for the contractor/plumber. The UltraCirc feature is available on the SM 303 and SMT 303 series pumps. The SM 909 series pumps are available for larger plumbing circuits.

Features and Benefits

  • Low flow provides minimal flow velocities thereby reducing the effect of pipe erosion and noise caused by vibration
  • Rated for temperatures to 230 degreeºF and line pressures to 150 PSI
  • Requires only 33 watts of power
  • Dry run cutout provided on pumps for hot water recirculation

Installation/Operation Manuals

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