How the DDC Pump Works:
The permanent magnet rotor/impeller unit is driven by the magnetic field generated by the surrounding stator. The stator is wrapped entirely around the rotor. As a result, the entire pump is only slightly taller than the rotor itself, measuring only 1.5″ in height, perfect for applications where space is limited.

The Principle of the Spherical Motor:
Invented by Laing, it is fundamentally different from conventional canned motor pumps. The only moving part in a spherical motor is a hemispherical rotor/impeller unit which sits on an ultra-hard, wear-resistant ceramic ball. There are no conventional shaft bearings or seals. This eliminates bearing noise and seal leaks.

Features and Benefits

  • ECM – Electronically Commutated Motor
  • Ultra Efficient
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Long Life
  • Continuous Duty
  • Variable Speed
  • Small Footprint
  • Very Quiet
  • Available in AC and DC Power
  • Solar
  • Electronics Cooling
  • Computer Cooling
  • Chillers
  • Medical Applications
  • Laser Cooling
  • Water Treatment
  • Automotive
  • Food Service Circulation
  • Water Reclamation
  • General Circulation Application


Installation/Operation Manuals


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