H Series 100 – 275 GPM 6″ Submersible Pumps

Goulds Water Technology : Submersible Well Pumps : 6 inch well pumps

Residential, Commercial
60 Hz High Capacity 6″ Submersible Pumps for 6″ and larger wells. 100 – 275H

Features and Benefits

  • Powered for continuous operation: All ratings are within the working limits of the motor manufacturer. Pump can be operated continuously without fear of damage to the motor.
  • Completely Field Serviceable: Easy to install and service. All parts easily dismantled if field service is ever necessary. No special tools needed. No shipping back to factory.
  • Diverse Application: Designed for commercial, municipal and agricultural water needs.
  • Bearings: Replaceable fluted bearings allow excellent abrasives handling and wear resistance.
  • Shaft Sleeves: Replaceable stainless steel, hex-driven, sleeves help protect shaft from abrasives.
  • Pump Shaft: Precision straightened hex shaft.
  • Coupling: Heavy duty stainless steel, splined
  • coupling for maximum load-carrying capability.
  • Bowls: Cast iron turbine bowl design with replaceable silicon brass wear rings.
  • Impellers: Silicon brass impellers dynamically balanced for smooth operation.
  • Suction Strainer: Stainless steel strainer restricts gravel and other debris from entering the pump.
  • Cable Guard: Stainless steel cable guard surrounds and protects motor leads.
  • Fasteners: All fasteners are stainless steel.
  • NEMA Design Motors: Stainless steel and epoxy coated end bells resist corrosion. Water-filled design provides a constant supply of lubrication. Hermetically sealed stator assures moisture-free windings. Durable Kingsbury type thrust bearing absorbs all thrust. Replaceable motor lead assembly.
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