70VS-MS Multi-Stage Pressure Booster

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What is it?
It is an ANSI/NSF-61 variable speed booster pump package utilizing G&L multistage pumps.
Stainless steel headers and branch piping are standard.

Up to six variable speed pumps can be operated and controlled through a Technologic variable speed pump controllers. All systems are UL rated.

NSF/ANSI 61 Certified Booster System

How does it work?
The system can be enabled to run automatically from the keypad, or remotely via “dry contact”, or serial communication.
Depending upon the water demand, the pumps then stage on and off and vary their speed to meet the design requirements of flow and head.

Why use it?
Ideal for high rise buildings requiring high pressure boosts. The system boosts the incoming city water pressure to efficiently meet the flow and pressure requirements throughout the day and night.

Typical application
Suitable for high rise residential and commercial building hot or cold water pressure boosting applications. Installations include schools, office buildings, healthcare facilities, prisons, and other commercial buildings.

Selection Process
Selection of pump package is done through ESP- PLUS or by using appropriate tables and pump curves. For selection assistance and pricing, please contact your local B&G Representative. Enter your Zip Code at the bottom of this page for local contact information.

General Selection Tools:

  • ESP-PLUS for B&G Centrifugal Pumps, Booster Pumps, Pump Accessories, and Air Separator
  • ESP-PARTS for replacement parts selection
  • CAD Drawings for 2D and 3D dimensional drawings in many formats

Heat Exchanger Product Selection

Steam + Water Pressure Reducing Values

Sizing Tools:

Report Bugs/Request Enhancements
Please email the following address to report issues and request enhancements: ebusiness.support@xyleminc.com

Consult your local Bell & Gossett Representative for additional assistance.

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