Surviving the Drought with Sustainable Irrigation Solutions

Did you know that the agricultural industry uses 70% of the world’s water resources? Millions of agriculturalists and producers require enormous amounts of freshwater for the irrigation of crops, washing stations and delivering drinking water to livestock. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the summer’s drought in America has severely impacted the nation’s soil moisture and affects 65% of farms located in the drought regions.

Agriculturalists and producers across the nation were so hard-hit by the drought that they were forced to rely heavily on their irrigation systems to save their crops. As we all know, water is typically supplied from a local river or lake and transported through a system of pipes and canals in the soil to deliver water to plants, sometimes via sprinklers. And although farmers have utilized irrigation systems for quite some time, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reports that up to 50% of residential and commercial irrigation water goes to waste.

The wasted water in these systems is a result of a number of issues ranging from poor system design to evaporation, leakage, transpiration and other problems. This is a major challenge during normal conditions but during a drought it can be devastating.

So what can be done to save water wasted through irrigation?

Water recycling is one of the most effective sustainable approaches for irrigation systems and has the ability to meet many water demands. The process of recycling water involves the treatment of wastewater to meet the quality requirements needed for agricultural purposes.

Xylem is working with agricultural and industrial customers to solve their water challenges and irrigation needs. Here are two recent video case studies – Rodeo’s Demands for Irrigation and Feeding and Xylem Helps Solve Vegetable-Washing – that detail how Xylem’s water management solutions were able to provide customers with the applications and equipment to make their watering systems more efficient and sustainable. These case studies help show how Xylem helps agriculturalists and producers across the world become more sustainable through continuously recycling water with Xylem’s cutting-edge water technology.

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